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San Jose medical malpractice attorney, AndroGel side effects, testosterone gel, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, AndroGel lawsuitSeveral medical treatments on the market today claim to increase testosterone production. However, consumers should be cautious of those prescribed by doctors — some product manufacturers, including the company that produces AndroGel, face legal consequences due to their products extreme side effects.

Why is Medication Necessary?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for the growth and development of the male sex organs in addition to the maintenance of the secondary masculine traits. Only a doctor can accurately diagnose low T. A physical exam is necessary, as well as hormone testing and possible imaging to rule out tumors and other causes.


San Jose medical malpractice attorneysAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 141 million emergency room visits each year in the United States. This translates to nearly 390,000 emergency department visits every single day. The nature of an emergency department means that the vast majority of patients seen are experiencing some type of fairly major health concern—major enough, at least, that they could not wait to schedule an appointment with their family doctor. It also means that there is a great deal of emphasis placed by the hospital staff on the speed of patient treatment. Unfortunately, rushed treatment can lead to mistakes and, in some cases, actionable medical negligence.  

An Intense Atmosphere

There is absolutely no question that emergency department staff, including physicians, nurses, and support personnel, are often overworked, underpaid, and largely underappreciated. They frequently work long hours, seeing dozens of patients in a single shift. To make matters even more complicated, emergency room patients come looking for immediate answers, which means that ER doctors are under pressure to diagnose each patient quickly so they can begin treatment.


San Jose medical malpractice attorneysEach year, millions of patients throughout the country undergo some form of surgery. Some procedures are relatively minor, while others are much more serious with the potential to change the patient’s life forever. While most surgical procedures are successful, the reality is that all surgeries carry some risk. If you are considering any type of elective surgery, there are a number of questions you should ask in advance so that you can be fully prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Is the Procedure Necessary?

It may seem obvious to ask about the necessity of a procedure, especially if it has been suggested or recommended by your doctor. However, there may be alternatives available. Your doctor should be willing to discuss your case with you in depth, including any options that could delay or mitigate the “need” for surgery.


Santa Clara County, CA misdiagnosis attorney, medical misdiagnosis, cancer misdiagnosis, depression misdiagnosis, Celiac DiseaseMedical professionals study and practice for years, thus enabling them to properly diagnose and treat even the rarest of conditions. Hence, when a patient visits a medical practice or hospital, his or her well-being is entrusted to the care of the doctor or establishment. However, more uncommon diseases are frequently misdiagnosed. A medical misdiagnosis puts a patient in harm’s way, therefore causing unnecessary damage to the very patient the doctor has sworn to help.


The Journal of Clinical Oncology reports that some forms of cancer are missed or otherwise misdiagnosed up to 44 percent of the time. Types of cancer leading the misdiagnosis include skin cancers, lymphoma, and breast cancer. Inadequate time designation for patient evaluation is cited as one of the reasons for the high prevalence rate.


San Jose medical malpractice attorney, medical malpractice, ambulance chaser, ambulance chasing lawsuits, medical malpractice lawsuitsThe term “ambulance chaser” is derogatory term frequently used to describe attorneys who represent accident victims. Lawyers are to perform their duties while following strict moral and ethical codes and seek to help the community protect itself against injustices. However, there are some who are eager to make a “quick buck” from unfortunate situations.

Verbiage that broadly encompasses an entire group of people is detrimental to society because it prevents people from seeking help when they genuinely need assistance. Medical malpractice attorneys are often unfairly portrayed negatively because of the unethical behaviors of a select few.

What is an Ambulance Chaser?


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